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Airgloss Project combines leading-edge technology with the commitment to offer new solutions for healthier environments developing advanced products that improve indoor comfort and lower health risks through smart air quality control with the further goal to encourage energy saving and reduce emissions placing useful innovation within everyone’s reach.

Rome, Lazio, Italy

Jan 16, 2014


Gwangmyeong, Inch'on-jikhalsi, South Korea

Sep 12, 2014


Airoi provides business process outsourcing for companies. They specializes in providing actionable insights, data, and reports for the healthcare and pharma, smart cities, agriculture, and asset management sectors. Their services include an AI insights overview such as periodic reports, AI-driven research, real-time analytics, proprietary indices, advisory consulting, AI data exchange, and market overview.

Santa Clara, California, United States


Airin, Inc.

Airin gives business leaders the power to create their own AI Expert System without needing a data scientist or engineer. Scale your best experts by cloning how they solve problems to radically impact the performance of the rest of your team.

Park City, Utah, United States

Jan 2017


Airo Security is a malware protection app and browser extension customized for Mac users. Airo malware protection model incorporates real-time threat detection, cutting-edge AI technology and an extra layer of data protection, all working together to create the most secure and reliable environment exclusively for Mac.

Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

Sep 1, 2017


Boston, Massachusetts, United States


AirLaw.Pro - AI-powered customer care service. We do personalized, proactive, free, white-labeled customer care service for air passengers in need. Our AI helps travel agents and ticket resellers to build a loyal customer base, through fully automated customer care, delivered under their own brand. We finance our activities through compensation claims to create the best possible user experience. What problem do we solve? 85% of air passengers are not receiving any money, even if they are eligible for financial compensation. It is because passengers do not know about International law regulations forcing airlines to pay financial compensation protecting consumer rights or they find it difficult to claim. It is a $15 bill/year problem, growing 5% yearly. How does it work? We are a data-driven legal-tech startup. We analyze global flight traffic. We know disrupted flights. Partners know who was flying. Together we help air-passenger exactly at the moment he needs assistance by personalized messages, so he can navigate himself on airport and he can learn his rights. In case the passenger is eligible to claim, advisory messages contain a claim button. If passenger claims and we are successful with collecting compensation, everyone gets money from airlines.

Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

Aug 30, 2019


London, England, United Kingdom

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